Increased her popularity as a public figure after being one of 11 finalist, out of 11 000 applicants, of the 6th season of the Bosnian version of American Idol called “Zvijezda mozes biti ti”.

She spent her childhood in DubrovnikCroatia and GackoBosnia, until she was 5. In 1993 she and her family were forced to leave her home and move to Sweden, due to the Bosnian War ’92-’93. Going through the musical midschool, she learned to play the drumspianoguitar and some other musical instruments. Later on, she studied Systems Science at the University. She started singing at a very young age, this was when she also became familiar with diverse music recording programmes and started to learn about the recording and mastering processes.

Dzeny is one among a handful of R&B/Pop singers in Bosnia, headed for a new musical direction within her genre, in which an inspiration of the Bosnian sound and style is included. Dzeny is also known to be a philanthropy, where she also was nominated as the Philanthropist of the Year in 2014, by the Bosnian foundation,[1] along with 16 other companies and 20 other people. By now, Dzeny has already had the opportunity to work with several big names, in both Bosnia and in Sweden, such as Fahrudin Pecikoza and Mahir Sarihodzic, with whom she recorded her single and video Kad Zvona Zazvone.[2] This single managed to reach several Bosnian music channels, radio stations, news papers [3] as well as making it to #6 on the one of Bosnias top lists (where she stayed for several weeks),[4] which also was published in the biggest news paper in Bosnia – Dnevni avaz, avaz express magazine,[5] one of the most sold Bosnian newspapers. Her songs were also seen as #1 on other sites such as,[6] who also published an interview about Dzeny, as their first success story, calling it Passion! And lots of time, nerves and effort [7]

During several years, she went through a heavy path collaborating with diverse indie labels, from whom she learned the important lesson that not everyone can be trusted in the huge and, what can be very, rough world of the music industry. She spoke openly about this in an interview for Avaz Express Magazine.[8] Going through many disappointments and break points, her former manager wrecking the opportunities for Dzenys career etc., and this leading to the end of those collaborations. Dzeny is today managing her music path on her own, collaborating with above mentioned names and several other producers, as well as having her first album “Zena Zvijer” (The Beast) released in December 2014 with NTV Hayat doo,[9] just until she finds the real and legitimate record label to guide and take her to the top.


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